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Thank you for your interest in the IlliniSat program. For more information, feel free to contact one of the program's professors or teaching assistants via email.

Instructors and PI's

Teaching Assistants and Researchers

  • Kevin Bassett - Communications and Command and Data Handling Manager
    kpbasset at illinois dot edu
  • Alex Ghosh - Systems Integration & Testing Manager
    aghosh2 at illinois dot edu
  • Patrick Haddox - Attitude Determination and Control Testing Manager
    haddox1 at illinois dot edu
  • Katherin Kim - Power Manager
    kim800 at illinois dot edu
  • Erik Kroeker - Head Course TA & Attitude Determination and Control Manager
    kroeker2 at illinois dot edu
  • John Westerhoff - Payload Integration Manager
    westerho at illinois dot edu

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