Course Information

Every semester, we offer two courses in satellite design: ENG 491 CU1 and ENG 491 CU2. These two courses are meant to be taken in succession by students in their junior or senior year. Over the last 10 years, over 100 students have been involved in the project.

ENG 491 CU1 - Green Team

In this first course, students are introduced to key concepts in satellite design. Throughout the course, there is a series of lectures covering everything from orbital mechanics, to electrical systems manufacturing, to technical writing. Students are engaged in a 5 week training assignment to start the course, after which they begin a research project to develop, build, and test components for the satellite. In addition to designing, building, and testing real satellites, students will learn how to work in an interdisciplinary project which brings together aerospace engineers, computer engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers.

The course can be taken Fall or Spring for anywhere from 2-4 credit hours. This course is intended for juniors and seniors and is comparable to a Senior Design course in terms of intensity.

ENG 491 CU2 - Project Team

In the second semester, students dive right into satellite design. After building the necessary skills in CU1, students start by proposing a project, then build towards their project deadlines. Students participate in weekly task group meetings to discuss their projects, as well as systems meeting to discuss the overall progress of the satellite. Students work closely with other students, volunteers, TAs, researchers, and faculty to develop satellite hardware.

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